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Got to give something.

My intentions are laid bare.

I met a beautiful girl, who just happened to be sweet as hell.

But she doesn't want to see me because I referred to Ant as my boyfriend. Even after I got him to speak to her, she still felt totally uncomortable.

How do you make someone see a relationship that isn't a typical relationship? Is it really that hard to convey to someone nowadays that people can actually love each other for THEM as human beings? Why does it always have to be so fucked up with titles like boyfriend girlfriend, husband wife.

I have this man in my life who is the most amazing man I've ever met and he is my best friend. We sleep in the same bed, we play video games together, we make fun of each other, we fight, we share, he wants to provide for me.

Is this a boyfriend, or a partner? I mean partner as in the ACTUAL meaning for partner. Partner in crime, ally... That kind of thing. Ungh I don't know. When I tried to explain it to her she just didn't get it. It's a shame. I really liked her. 

Either way. Tonight I dyed my hair blue, from purple. I've had purple for like 5 months now. It was getting a bit tired, even though everyone is always like OMG I WANT YOUR HAIR.

Due to lack of...well any income.. perhaps I should sell my scalp on ebay? 

"He ate my heart, That boy is a monster"
Has anyone here got a webcomic or started one up and .. didn't do anything with it? I want to some pointers. Anything. I'd like to start one up, feels like a good outlet. 


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