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Summer. From my mouth to your "sun-drenched world".

Mystery and consent in this perfect heat
The juice of bright green lime popsicles on my bare thighs
Drying sticky and sweet on exposed skin

It is summer
And nothing can take away the perfect ache that this brings
Mosquito bites and chlorine-tangled hair
Flowers of a million colors tucked behind ears
Fuchsia and auroral-blazing yellow,
A deep purple of royalty and riches,
Unfathomable ocean blue and wet velvet
Even bee-covered dandelions and morning glory
Weeds with the faces of flowers

Ant-bitten tree bark and wet grass and ocean sand
Salt-stinging and grainy against my stomach
Sticking to the back of my flannel lumberjack-red plaid dress
An attempt at a tree covered green and tent and campfire
kind of holiness
From lying beneath this large expanse of starlit sky
Sharing it's secrets with those who will lay in the cradle of it's arms
Long enough to listen

A sky alight with bright, full moon and the promise of
Rain-bursting heavy clouds and thunderstorms
The possibility of white blazing lightening striking down to this earth
Full of either God’s wrath or God’s glory
I still do not know which
But entirely perfect
Either way
Skin pink and peeling and freckles announcing their presence
From all of this daylight

I eat a sun-warmed mango in a cold shower
Trying to break it all
The heat and the fear and the need
Allow the hiss of sprinklers and naked feet and flesh
And smeared mascara
From hours and hours of rain smelling, sweet smelling, heaven smelling,
Warm stone and heather smelling
To fill my lungs and amygdala and thalamus
With memory and emotion, the way these parts of your brain are helpless to avoid

I open the windows and feel the perfect and cloying summer air
With the scent of lavender and honeysuckle
Bright orange and burnt flowers I cannot find the name of
That will stay through the fall
The last reminder of summer,
Once the cornfields and pumpkins show their muted and nostalgic fall faces
Full of a different and unique kind of promise
Comprised of warm fisherman sweaters and thermoses
Cowboy boots that fit summer better in MY mind,
But that become too warm this time of year to be capable of constant movement
The way we need
But fit autumn perfectly
An autumn full of hot apple cider and whiskey to warm the belly
Crimson leaves and dancing in air that fills you
With both warm and hauntingly cool Something at the same instant
But enough about fall
It is not here just yet...

The way summer guides you to
The need for movement that only happens this time of year
Even the irritating flies buzzing their short existence ‘round my wine-drunk sleepy head
Are welcome here
Because the trickle of salt and sweat and humid, human condensation
Down my swimming-taut back
And the blazing fire of a solstice morning sun
Loose limbs and dirt encrusted on your body
The way of crumbling monuments and the exploration of trails and earth-smelling evergreen and
Sagebrush mountaintops meant for lifting hands
To the consequential heaven
Wild blue and the haze of smog over cities
Spent on drink and Hollywood rejoicing in it’s profanity
And sacredness
Is enough
For now it is enough
This heat
This mystery
This consent
Is enough
For now
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